Story in the Tennessean

Thanks to Brad Schmitt for a thorough interview and for allowing me to relate this painful story of our family’s past. It wasn’t easy to share this story, with him or with anyone. But if we don’t begin to speak about these difficult histories, how can we spur changes in how people think about class and race, power and hierarchy, tradition and inequality?

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Essay: “He Said, She Said”

The popular book site Shelf Pleasure published an essay I wrote about the misplaced “courtesy” of certain old-school Southern men—in which they “ma’am” us and open doors for us, but fail to listen to a single word we say.

Mansplaining Southern men: I’d rather skip the ma’ams and be respected, if it’s all the same. And in this situation, it’s a case of courtesy over respect that led to a great deal of water flowing into my kitchen, as you’ll see.

Thank you, Shelf Pleasure!

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