“Ann Walling recounts the story of her childhood with courage and honesty. Her recollections of inequality in the South are especially relevant given our country’s current debate over racial injustice.”

—John M. Seigenthaler, Al Jazeera America news anchor

“Ann Walling invites you to Sunday dinner with her grandparents. She warmly recalls joining with her extended southern family to enjoy a sumptuous meal, beautifully prepared and presented by several servants who were part of the family, in a sense, for many years. But even as a child, Ann felt something was not right. Some members of the family were not included at the table and lived in other parts of town. Ann used the metaphor to consider the urgent need to advance civil rights for all persons, and to promote justice, freedom, and respect for all persons. Ann Walling is an Episcopal priest who served for several years at St. David’s Church in Nashville. With a prophet’s passion and a pastor’s heart, she has opened the minds and hearts of people, with a vision of the Heavenly Banquet for all nations, races, and persons.

—The Rt. Rev. William E. Sanders, retired Episcopal Bishop of Tennessee

“Born of a traditional white southern family, Reverend Ann Walling lifts the veil of a closed society and shares the powerful story of her self-transformation. She describes the deepening of her embrace of humanity and how she transcends race, class and other social barriers. Reverend Walling is an inspiration to all of us who seek to realize loving, inclusive and open communities.”

—Hedy Weinberg, Executive Director of ACLU Tennessee

“Ann Walling has written a poignant memoir about growing up in what seemed a gentle, genteel era. But simmering under that façade was a developing awareness of cruel injustices interwoven in her life. It is a beautifully told account that resonates with the challenges we face today.”

—Morris Dees, founder of the Southern Poverty Law Center

“Walling has penned a deeply personal, very engaging, and highly enjoyable memoir that was a delight to read. Just like those scrumptious Sunday dinners around her family’s table, I savored every word and came away from the feast fully satiated.”

—Lee Ambrose, Story Circle Book Reviews

Most fascinating to me is how the author shares with us her gradual transformation away from the “right order”. There are some tidbits in the book about that which really surprised me, and moved me … I read the book almost cover to cover on a recent flight. I very much enjoyed the book and, whether you grew up “in the deep south” or not, would readily recommend this to anyone interested in understanding a slice of American life back in the day.

—Paul Aller, Amazon Top 100 reviewer

Sunday table with bell

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